what is this?

I've had at least a couple blogs*, maybe more that I've forgotten about over the years. So why did I start a new one? I don't know, maybe they were for a particular time and place. This one was started to document my trip to Southeast Asia, but now that that's concluded, who knows what it's for. Maybe I should start a fourth.

Oh the name of the blog comes from Alice in Wonderland. At first I had the exact clip up but I thought it'd be more fun to just put the whole damn movie up.

* Simply so I don't have to look them up again, one was Peanut M&Ms and another was Slap Yourself in the Face. Sadly many of the externally-hosted files (images, mp3s) are no longer available. I might eventually unearth them from hard drives, aged and decrepit. You know, for posterity.