First post

This is meant to be done more often, but I needed time to acclimate, needed time to get to the beach. Bangkok is dirtier than I imagined. Blue-gray oily rivers with godzilla water monitor lizards somehow swimming through the trash. Superb Thai food, enhanced by John and Emily's experienced recommendations as locals. The best Thai massage I've ever had, mixed with Foreigner Mistakes like fully undressing and misunderstanding the Thai woman saying 'talk little' to mean This is a place of silence, so shut your fucking Western mouth instead of the comparatively simpler I only speak a little English. Wandering the ruins of Ayutthaya on bike and experiencing the pure, unadulterated bliss of a Kit Kat waffle cone ice cream in the sweaty heat of a 15-baht (40 cent) train station whilst an Asian woman with white dreadlocks swatted imaginary insects with a red flip-flop. A 12-hour train ride to the islands, the first hour spent conversing with a 23-year travel veteran from Holland named Ronald and Mary-Lou, an Aussie CouchSurfing pub-crawl extraordinaire. Many buses - one briefly grand and the rest mini - later, we arrive to take two ferries to the island, no baggage. A rented motobilke and the first taste of curve-hugging, free-wheelin', monkey-loving adventure later and I feel I've arrived. Oh and for birthdays, it's actually a joyous rendition of the song and everyone in the place gets a slice of cake.

here comes the next wave
i should hold on tight with both hands
lest i be swept away